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Watching a mother and her little one together is always a pleasant sight. The sight when watched closely, always works as the perfect detoxification for my mind. And I happened to see something similar today.


The mother was playing badminton with her little kid and her elder son was playing with his pet. The little one eventually got bored with the sport and the cute, subtle barks of his dog magnetically pulled the little one’s innocent attention. He threw his racket away and ran as fast as he could to join his brother turning deaf to the disappointed cries of his mother.


“Don’t run, you may fall” she yelled and unfortunately the angels roaming around in the heavens made her words true the next second. The kid stumbled upon a rock and hurt his knee. The mother came running behind. Though the scenario was chaotic with the child screaming in pain and fear, the mother screaming at the sight of her bleeding kid, the neighbors crying out words of care, it was love all around. Sight of love flooding ahead of you always soothes the mind and my mind wasn’t an exception.

The mother approached her child, glanced the wound and shed a few tears. She then slapped the kid hard and yelled at him for not listening to her. And then she dragged the kid back into the house.

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Now am unflinchingly sure that the slap had nothing but love in it. It was ironical that a deed as violent as slapping a young child can also be an act of love.

I don’t know if it was right what she did. I wouldn’t have slapped the kid if I was at her place. But people are different and have different levels of temperament and also different ways to express the love they have within.

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