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The Right Way to Wear Bronzer, From Day to Night

step by step bronzer tutorial

For me, bronzer is in that beauty category (with blush and foundation) of products that can truly make or break your look. When applied properly, in the form of the correct formulas for your skin’s tone and texture, these products can make you appear glowy and well-rested; like you just so happen to have perfect skin. But, get these products wrong, and your makeup can end up looking obvious and mask-like—which completely defeats the purpose of wearing makeup in the first place! So, when one of my favorite natural makeup brands, W3ll People, approached me about doing a tutorial that would teach me (and you!) exactly how to wear bronzer, I jumped at the chance. Shirley Pinkson, the celebrity makeup artist behind W3ll People, is a total master of the natural-yet-glamorous makeup looks that I typically go for—and she is a total wizard with bronzer. First up, she offers some tips …see the slideshow here

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