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Posture Pointers


“Sit up straight” is most likely a command you remember hearing throughout your childhood. Whether it was your mom, dad, grandmother, or any adult within 100 yards, it may have been slightly annoying to be reminded throughout the day to change your posture. But, looking back now, it turns out they were right! And, that sound byte, was super important and advice we should have heeded.

Proper postural alignment while sitting and standing helps you function more efficiently. Everything lines up allowing muscles to move in a coordinated fashion, the way the body was intended to move. Moving requires less effort and produces less fatigue and strain on your body’s ligaments and muscles which is good now and will serve you well into the future.

Good posture is hard to come by these days. Not only is it hard to remember to sit up straight throughout the day, but it also requires more effort. We spend nearly every waking moment out of alignment due to our normal daily activities. From reaching forward to eat, driving the car, talking on the phone, and watching TV, most of what we do throughout the day leaves us with arms in front of us, rounded shoulders, a rounded upper back, or some other deviation from a neutral posture. Here are three quick fixes to provide your body with a bit of relief:

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