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Meal Prep for Real People


These days, strategies for meal preparation are seemingly everywhere! Endearingly known as meal prep (or #mealprep if you’re so inclined), the concept of preparing your food in advance has taken hold in the fitness industry, and it offers so many benefits that we hope it’s here to stay!

Not only can preparing your meals ahead of time helps you save time and money throughout your week, but it can also help you achieve your fitness goals.

Meal prep can help you:

Balance your diet.

We all remember the importance of the food pyramid, balanced diets and (of course) eating your veggies, but how many decisions about what you eat actually follow this advice?

If you’re making a lot of in-the-moment choices about what you’re eating, probably not many. With meal prep you determine the menu beforehand, meaning you can craft the perfect protein/veggie/whole grain medley to reach all of your fitness goals.

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