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7 Daily Rituals Intentional Couples Use to Cultivate Lasting Love


Due to the daily pressures, distractions, and dynamics of modern life, a romantic couple doesn’t have to be dysfunctional to grow distant over time. Long working hours and the demands of raising children can push date night, sex, and romantic vacations to last place on the priority list.

Researchers at UCLA observed 30 dual-career couples with young children to understand the daily challenges for finding opportunities to build strong relationships and families. They discovered that these couples:

  • Spend less than 10% of their time at home with each other and without their children around
  • Are career-focused with long working hours (partner one) and a have a double burden of work and childcare (partner two)
  • Prioritize children and household needs over the needs of their spouse or self
  • Become more like roommates, drifting apart emotionally and physically
  • Miss important opportunities to connect emotionally on a daily basis

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