We are again planning an interfaith service to lift up our great city of Detroit and all its suburbs – through an ALL MUSICAL INTERFAITH SERVICE !! Read More

  • Angels Night

    Come out and participate in “Angel’s Night” neighborhood watch! Our watch is taking place this evening, Tuesday October 29th and Wednesday October 30th at Trinity-St. Mark’s United Church of Christ or The Shrine of The Black Madonna.  Read more

    Angels Night
  • Prosperity Bootcamp Radio Show

    Becoming fully awake to the unlimited creative potential that lies within…where anything is possible. Listen Here


Get Into Fitness

Get Into Fitness Every New Year, you make it a point to make resolutions and the very first on your list is to go on a diet. But only after a few weeks, you realize that you again failed to do make good on your resolution, just like last year. Once a...

Keenness of the Redemptive Self

Keenness of the Redemptive Self Spirituality is the non-material being or phenomenon that manifests itself in terms of your psyche and overall self. It is reflected in your faith and beliefs that seek to answer metaphysical questions that otherwise w...


Paper Recycling and Easy Source of Extra Income

Paper Recycling and Easy Source of Extra Income One of the easiest (and best) ways of making extra money is by collecting old newspapers and selling them to a “recycling plant” in your area. Just look around your own home — in the garage or the basement. What do you do with the old newspapers after you’ve read them? Most lik...

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